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Hi there, my name is Christo Bruyns and welcome to my website. Now this is the page where I convince you that I'm your go to guy for all your design needs. So lets give that a go!


I have always been noticed even during my school days as a creative person who explored with colours and shapes. Doing abstract paintings created a platform where my love for colours and creating the unknown was the foundation in my start up as a graphic artist.


At first my creations was for online communities which included several forums and gaming groups some of which pushed me into freelancing. At first I took up employment with a software development house designing Icons and software interfaces. Exposure in this environment created a curiosity in coding which lead me to website development.


Since 2001, I have been freelancing for several companies including a few private individuals. My work involved mainly web design and maintenance. This avenue and the contact with commercial clients opened up opportunities  into advertising for an educational business namely UCMAS South Africa.


Designs for UCMAS included street pole Advertising, several leaflets, magazine ads for a Muslim woman’s magazine and business cards. Another website client Rhino Log Furniture saw some of my proofs. They needed catalogues for their expo's. This contract involved manipulating photos, adjusting colours and sizes.


Teamwork was a big factor when it came to UCMAS as their marketing guys would send me several images and asked me to fit these into a given size for print. This was a back in forth of bouncing ideas off each other until we  were satisfied with the result.


I have been self taught and the research I do online keeps me updated with newer techniques in the industry. Also I’m an avid member of the 99designs community which I use to refine my skills and keep up to date with international trends in logo design, packaging design, book cover designs as well as advertising designs.


I want to be your go to guy when it comes to all your design needs, I do all the designing myself and thus have the drive to see to all your design needs.


Contact me and lets do something creative!

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